Jason Bret Harris, PhD

Computational Chemist/Biologist

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I research health effects from small molecules, mainly using computational and predictive modeling. To support all kinds of data-driven research, I host ScrubChem.org which is the largest digital curation of bioactivity data for 1.2M public bioassays, 2.3M chemicals, and over 1.5B records of data. This resource enhances drug discovery and toxicology research across many institutions: government, academic, and industry. My other interests include: computational and experimental toxicology, metabolic pathway prediction, structure-based drug discovery, and structural bioinformatics.

  • If you are interested in molecular docking, feel free to visit my other website at VirtualDocking.com.

  • If you are interested in Anion-Pi interactions, you can visit STAAR.bio.utk.edu.